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Have you seen this man?

Doctoring Time: Have you seen this man?
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Right, a new community for photo manipulations of the Doctor caught in time throughout history. There are those rare instances that he's been captured by a painter, even scuptures, so look carefully at those scratch black and whites lying at the bottom of your grandfather's trunk in the attic. You never know who you might see in them...

Although, it's pretty well known that the Ninth incarnation of the Doctor was a bit careless about showing up in photos, it's not impossible that other incarnations of the Doctor might have also been caught on film or captured in artwork as well.

If you should be so lucky as to find one of these photos please feel free to share it with the community.

Okay, I guess there needs to be some guidelines so we're all on the same page at some point. Since this is just now starting up, this will probably develop along the way, so check back ever so often or take note of any posts stating the guidelines have been revised. (Comments and suggestions are very welcome and appreciated!)

Basic Guidlines:

  • Post your own work
  • Credits where appropriate (users, caps, photos, paintings, brushes, etc.)
  • Images must contain a Doctor
  • Images may contain a Doctor and companion, multiple Doctors and companions (that could get interesting).
  • Images should be fairly obvious in nature, and if not, please give some info about it. (Your family reunion with the Doctor in the background... funny to you, but confusing to us...)
  • Use thumbnail images linked to larger ones when possible
  • Use LJ cuts for really big pictures - don't want to s'plode flists now do we?
  • Images can be posted as links
  • Keep posts on topic; questions and technique discussions are welcome of course
  • Off topic as comments within posts fine by me
  • Most importantly: Play nice.

For now that's it. There will probably be some amendments to the guidelines, but for now everyone just have fun!